About Davies Immigration Law

Davies Immigration Law provides access to a team of investment immigration and international economic citizenship professionals who work exclusively with a top Ottawa law firm. The Ottawa law firm is highly focuses on helping people come to Canada through the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program successfully.

The application process can be quite meticulous and requires precision in order to avoid making errors and omissions, which can affect the approval of the application. For instance, there must be a detailed chronological narrative which fully demonstrates the lawful accumulation of the financial assets listed in the application. This is why it is essential to work with an immigration lawyer in Canada who has experience working with investor files.

Inconsistent or incomplete Investor Immigration applications can be denied without any request for any outstanding information or missing documents, according to the Quebec Immigration Policy.

The law firm we partner with is based in Ottawa, Ontario. The primary lawyer at the firm is Tanya Davies, who is knowledgeable about navigating the intricacies of Quebec’s immigration programs and has a wide network of reputable and trusted professionals in the province. This Ottawa immigration attorney, as well as all of her staff, are bilingual in both French and English to make it easy for them to assist people in Quebec.

In addition, Davies Immigration Law also conducts business in other languages including Farsi, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Arabic. You do not need to speak English or French to contact us to learn more about investor immigration.

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada using the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, let us put our expertise to work for you today!

Want To Immigrate To Canada Via The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program? Put Our Experience To Work For You Today!